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Write a Powerful CV : The best CV for
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Creating a perfect CV (Resume) is the first step towards getting a dream job. But recruiters don't have enough time to read your full CV (Resume) if it doesn't have any special attraction. The "Write a Powerful CV" e-book is packed with the information to create a powerful CV that will have the attention of the recruiters and help you to win an interview call.
The "Write a Powerful CV" e-book has information on:
1. Everything about a CV
2. Importance of CV
3. How to Present your CV
4. Content of CV
5. Writing your CV: Step by Step
6. Sections to Include in your CV
7. Sample CVs
8. Most common CV mistakes
9. How to apply for jobs online
10. How to use LinkedIn to get jobs
11. Top 10 Interview Questions and their Answers
and more ...

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